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MedCareNet aims to bring leading hospitals and medical facilities together to gain synergy, cost effectiveness, and best practices for our patients. We propose to be one of the best medical health care tourism providers.  

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MedCareNet aims to bring leading hospitals and medical facilities together to gain synergy, cost effectiveness, and best practices for our patients. We propose to be one of the best medical health care tourism providers.  

MedCareNet coordinates and works with its partner institutions in Turkey to provide the best, tested practices with our well-experienced doctors, efficient and effective treatments with competitive costs. 

We provide obesity (bariatric and metabolic) surgeries, dental treatments, hair transplantation services and arrange transportation, transfers and accommodation for your conveniences.


Sharron, UK

Very happy with the results of the surgery I had recently. I had gastric surgery with Dr.  Hanifi I wanna thank to him. Also, Ilayda was very helpful. I have no hesitation in  recommending to anyone looking to have a similar procedure. From start to finish I have  been very happy with my outcome. I am only 9 days post op but I am very happy with  my results so far. Thank you Dr. HANIFI!! 

Harper, UK

It was the first time that I decided to have surgery in my life. I am diagnosed with anxiety  so you could imagine how hard for me to decide. But the medical team and the manager  were very friendly and helpful. They helped me a lot about anything. It has been 5  months since my surgery with Doctor Hanifi and I lost 4 stones. I couldn’t be so happy.  My body slowly started to take a nice shape. I definitely recommend it. It was such a  nice experience for me to have. 

Diablo, UK

I am so happy I chose Dr. Hanifi, at first I was very nervous for any surgery so it was a  big decision for me. From the time I first made contact my fears were eased. I am 1  week post-op and could not be happier. Now for my surgeon Doctor Hanifi Onalan,  what a gentleman, kind, caring, friendly and so professional. I would highly recommend  him, he is so experienced in his field and made me feel at ease. To all the nurses on the 

ward a huge thank you for looking after me so well. I 100 per cent would recommend anyone in doubt about surgery. Amazing service from start to finish. 

Regina, UK

I had my weight loss surgery with them. What an amazing experience! I am two month  post op and already lost 2 and half stone!(15 kg) I spent about 6 month to find a doctor who I can trust in Turkey. When I msg to them, straightaway started to give me a full  answer for my questions. They supported me 24/7 and I felt very special and very safe.  I had a full health check up in the hospital and only after full results Dr. Hanifi (Bariatric  Surgeon) confirmed my surgery and in the afternoon all work was done. 

Oh, Dr. Hanifi!!! You are changing my life! My weight is just melting on me now. I  start to have so much energy and I can’t wait to see my final result and my scars are  hardly noticeable. Thank you DOCTOR you are amazing! They are so brilliant! Thank  you all the team. I appreciate all efforts from the heart, thank you so much. 

With love Regina… 

Lewis, UK

I went and had my weight loss surgery with Dr. Hanifi in October 2021 when me and  my daughter both had our operations done. The whole experience from contacting them  to having my surgery was brilliant. I had my gastric sleeve on 11th October when I  weighed 16 stone. The care I recueved was second to none. We met the surgeon Dr.  Hanifi during our stay and he came to see us both before we came home. The doctor  and the nurses are amazing. The scars are very minimal and are hardly noticeable now.  Up to now (17th January 2022) I have lost 4 Stone 1lb and my daughter has lost 4stone  3lb, we are still in contact with our consultants via WhatsApp and I message them  regularly with our updates and with any questions I may have, they always respond. My daughter in law is now going tomorrow for the same surgery. I would highly recommend  this hospital and their lovely staff. 

Nickie, UK

Where do I begin.. The communication via WhatsApp was 24/7. I had many questions  and most of the time late at night but I directly got replies back… My surgeon Dr. Hanifi  was very reassuring and came to see me before we left to travel home to wish us well.  I’m currently 12 weeks from my gastric sleeve surgery and 4 stone 3lb gone forever xx.  I have recommended to many friends with a few already booked to go over this year. 

Evan, UK

Everything was more than what I could ask for, it was perfect. I was pleasantly  surprised. I met my whole team of Doctor Hanifi and nurses nutritionist. I am so  thankful to my consultant, she made sure I had all the information that I needed before  my decision was made to have the surgery.

Emma, UK

I had the gastric sleeve recently and so far I have not regretted this decision. From the  start I was given adequate information at any time of day. My surgeon, Doctor Hanifi  is the best and well qualified and passionate about his job. I’m grateful for the operation.  And also, everything was facilitated by Ece, she is the best case manager. She took care  of everything, my extended stay in the hospital. Overall, if you want a reliable doctor then I would recommend Doctor Hanifi and his team located in İstanbul. 

Alexandra, UK

I had a marvelous experience from start to finish with the weight loss process. They made me feel fully supported and well cared. I have lost 7 stone 7 pounds in 8 months and am now at my goal weight. My health conditions caused by obesity have now all gone. I  intend to recommend Doctor Hanifi Onalan and will offer them to those who need to lose weight. 

Bethany, UK

I can truly say that the team was so efficient and caring! They have given excellent  advise. I was in contact daily through all the process to make sure I understood. My  consultant called after the surgery to check on me! Thank you so much to all the team for  taking care of me, and Doctor Hanifi for changing my life.



We work with the best health care institutions to provide you with high quality services. Patients are at the center of our attention.

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We guarantee you the best health care services to make sure you feel better and achieve your personal transformation goals.


Our experienced doctors and team of skilled practitioners pride themselves on treatment that considers all aspects of your health and lifestyle.

Tested Treatments

MedCareNet health care providers use well-tested equipments and methods to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

Team work

Our doctors and specialist staffs work together on your personalized treatment plans, assessing your specific lifestyle, eating habits, current weight and medical history.

Follow up

You will be provided all necessary information you will need aftercare. We will be following your improvements and you will find our team at the end of the phone to answer your queries.


Obesity Surgeries

Obesity (Bariatric and metabolic) surgeries are the types of treatment that allow you to live a healthy and quality life. You can select the most appropriate surgery for you such as gastric balloon, gastric bypass, gastric botox, and sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve).



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Dental Treatment

We provide all oral and dental health services in a correct, reliable, and affordable way. We ensure our patients get healthy and recover as soon as possible using the latest treatment methods and technology.

Hair Transplantation

Our well-experienced doctors use Follicular unit extraction (FUE), Sapphire and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) hair transplant techniques. If required, more than one technique can be apply on transplanting hair depends on patient condition.


Free Online Consultation

Applicants have free consultation via online with our doctors. You may be required to get some analysis (blood test, MR, X-Ray etc.)


In case of demand, we assist to arrange transportation of patient with an optimal price provided by our contracted agencies.


In case of demand, we arrange accommodation for our patients to feel comfortable during their treatment.

Medical Care

We guarantee to provide best medical treatment to our patients. We work with the best health care institutions and well-experienced doctors.

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